When you think of London, you think skyscrapers, monuments and nice areas but not poverty, but unfortunately that is what you see the most. London is home to over eight million people although in 2015, 8000 people slept rough.  The streets of London is very different than the photos, people who visit know and the […]

The Arduous Odyssey odyssey—-> Greek myth odysseus goes on a large journey to get home after war.  One the jou8rney he has to fight various monsters and through various trails. Suskind uses the arduous odyssey  because it can relate to cedrics journey of being epic of how they do this. Extra Baggage—->  The term extra […]

Breaking time, stopping time and thinking. To be safer driver you need to understand the factors that affect a cars stopping distance. The stopping distance depends on two factors: Thinking distance: its takes time for a driver to react to a situation. During this reaction the car carries on moving. The thinking distance  is the distance traveled in […]

In this essay I will be explaining the various language techniques that Ron Suskind uses to present the difficulties of Cedric’s education in part one an part two of his articles. Cedric goes through many difficulties when in Ballou high and MIT such as receiving abuse from other students, struggling with work at MIT and […]

Question: summaries Cedric’s perception of the challenges he face at M.I.T and Ballou high school. Quote 1: “For Cedric. M.I.T has taken on almost mythic proportions. It presents the culmination of everything he has worked for, his ticket to escape poverty.: the quote is a metaphor. its means that M.I.T has asked a lot of […]

One of the rappers we have studied in class is Kendrick Lamar and his song ‘The blacker the berry’, Kendrick Lamar was born and raised in Compton he started rapping with his stage name being  K-dot. Then one of his songs caught the eye of a label company called Top Dawg Entertainment who signed him. […]

Repetition can be used for effect. The repetition in the song is: “The blacker the berry, The sweeter the juice. Kendrick Lamar is trying to say “The blacker you are, the better you are” perhaps he is trying to say black people stand out. Kendrick Lamar is trying to say instead of hiding your blackness, […]